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NT6800WNR - 6 DO 220V relay 8 DI input Modbus TCP network IOT Wifi LAN power switch
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IntroductionNT6800WNR has 6 relays, 8 isolated input. Communicate by rj45 network or Wi-Fi, supports Modbus-TCP.( NT6800WND..
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ComTest Pro for Modbus.exe
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It is recommended to use this debugging software for testing our RTU module: ‘ComTest Pro for Modbus.exe ‘It with sample 3 steps operation allows use..
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NT1CTHC.exe for monitoring humidity and temperature 1AI DHT11 moduleHow to Intuitive display the data of DHT11 module on the computer?NT1CTHC.exe is..
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RS485 RS232  Modbus Gateway Industrial serial server 485 232 to Ethernet Modbus RTU to TCP/IP 1.10 / 100M adaptive Ethernet interface ..
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