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NT6800WNR - 6 DO 220V relay 8 DI input Modbus TCP network IOT Wifi LAN power switch

NT6800WNR - 6 DO 220V relay 8 DI input Modbus TCP network IOT Wifi LAN power switch
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NT6800WNR - 6 DO 220V relay 8 DI input Modbus TCP network IOT Wifi LAN power switch

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  • Model: NT6800WNR
  • Weight: 0.50kg
  • Dimensions: 20.00mm x 20.00mm x 20.00mm



NT6800WNR has 6 relays, 8 isolated input. Communicate by rj45 network or Wi-Fi, supports Modbus-TCP.

( NT6800WNDSR: with one DS18B20 temperature sensor in addition)

It can be controlled by PLC / computer / android, suitable for industrial automation, data acquisition systems, environmental monitoring and local control of an electrical and non-electrical parameter, building automation etc.

Key components:  HLK-RM04 serial network module, STM8S105K4T6C, HR911105A, supports secondary development.

6 do relay 8 di input network switch

6 relay 8 input wifi switch

How to use network relay made by nitwo tech? It’s easily by 3 steps:

Step 1: Power on the NT6800WNR module with 12-24VDC.

Step 2: Search the SSID of hi link network module rm04 with Wi-Fi dhcp mode.

SSID of hilink network module rm04

Step 3: Run android app or .exe file of computer and connect with IP: port: 8080

6 io android control

NT6800WNR app apk and .exe software download linkNT6800WNR.rar


> 10/100 Mb Ethernet connectivity;
> Auto-MDIX;
> 8 digital isolated inputs,8 input + with one COM-;

6io module input DI

> 6 relay outputs Type: with NO and NC contacts;

       Contact current rating: 10 A @ 30 VDC/250 VAC (resistive load)

       Initial insulation resistance: 100 mega-ohms (min.) @ 500 VDC

       Minimum pulse output of relay: 2 Hz at rated load

> SMA Wi-Fi male pin socket adapter for antenna or adaptor for extension cable.

> 35mm DIN Rail fixed

> Working voltage:     12 to 24V wide voltage input

> Working current:      0.3~0.5 A ( all relays ON)

> Plug-able high current terminals, convenient for wiring and changing position

high current terminals

How to setup IP address and Network parameter of hlk-rm04 serial network/wireless module?

HLK-RM04 module working mode can be divided into:

> Serial to Wi-Fi AP
> Serial to Wi-Fi CLIENT
> Serial to Ethernet

Using a web browser for configuring the HLK-RM04 communication mode (Wi-Fi or Lan) and IP easily.

Serial to Wi-Fi AP


  • MODBUS-RTU Function:

Coil status (01), input status (02), input and coil registers (03), Force Single Coil (05), Preset Single Register (06).

wifi relay Modbus 05 function sample

  • Client’s proprietary protocol support also (customized for client of NiTwo tech) example:

Simple protocol specification

CRC 0x68 = 0x55 + 0x01 + 0x12 + 0x00 + 0x00 + 0x00 + 0x00

Operating mode configuration switch description (able to custom as client's need)

instrument panel membrane film of NT6800

S1 OFF: All relay state is off when power on (all open mode).

S1 ON: All relay states before power off can be logged in internal flash memory, for next time power on they will active same as the last time (memory mode).

S2 OFF: Relay is able to active sync with digital DI input, example input 1 availed the relay 1 availed also, only be controlled locally by DI (sync mode).

S2 ON: Relays can be activated either remotely PLC/Computer (MODBUS Master) or locally by digital DI input (pulse mode).

S3 OFF: Relay will active with digital DI input changing (Sync or Pulse mode, optional by dial dip-switch S2) (Linked mode).

S3 ON: Relay is able to configure to no relation with digital DI input, example input 1 availed but the relay 1 doesn’t availed (unlinked mode).

S4 OFF: Accessed by upper Master PLC/Computer (check mode).

S4 ON: Initiative to report the DO DI states to upper Master PLC/Computer (report mode).

SENSOR:             Connect to temperature sensor or temperature humidity sensor

Power-LED:         Power is ON

Wi-Fi-LED:           Blinks when Wi-Fi working mode

Lan-Link-LED:    Blinks when LAN working mode

Mounting and Size

plc housing size

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