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Model: RS485 luminance light sensor
FEATURESIlluminance Sensor use also have higher sensitivity to weak light detector as the sensor,has a wide measuring range, easy to install and long transmission distance, with RS485 port supports modbus-rtu protocol,16bit 0-65535Lx suitable for most applications, example in agricultural greenhouse..
Ex Tax:$38.00
Model: 2AO 8AI 10bit Modbus
Item specifics is_customized: Yes AO: 8 x 12bit AI: 2 x 8bit Product Description 8CH 12bits 4-20mA + 2CH 8 bits 0-10V output rs485 Modbus analog  measure module 0-5V 0-10V 0-15V 0-20V 0-30V build to order, please tell us which analog type need.  ..
Ex Tax:$62.00
Model: 8 DO Relay Module
8 DO  8 Relay 10A RS485 Modbus ModuleWorking voltage: DC 12VWorking current:  50MA when 1 relay is ON , 8 relay all ON conduction is 0.4AMODBUS rtu control modeMODBUS command also can be send by "Modbus Poll" or use the software customized.Maximum load: 10A / 250VACSerial port parameters: ..
Ex Tax:$39.50
Model: 1AI DHT11 12bit Humidity Temperature Module
Temperature humidity sensor rs485 Modbus measure module.Temperature and humidity sensor DHT11Humidity measuring range: 20% ~ 90% RH (0 to 50 ℃ temperature compensation);Temperature measurement range: 0 ~ + 50 ℃;Humidity measurement accuracy: + / - 5.0% RH Rs485 COM port:  ..
Ex Tax:$27.00
Model: 16AI AM2301 12bit
16 channels AM2301 temperature and humidity WITH LED Meter RS485 MODBUS RTU module. * This price is just a piece of module and a piece of LED screen  (without the 16 pcs AM2301 sensors)   Communication baud rate: 9600.8.N.1  &nb..
Ex Tax:$62.00
Model: 1 to 2 RS485 Repeater
1 ports RS485 to  2 ports  RS485 industrial lighting protection isolated repeaterProduct Description  ..
Ex Tax:$35.00
1 to 8 RS485 converter industrial grade optocoupler isolate repeater adapter HUB
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Model: 1 to 8 RS485 converter
1 to 8 RS485 converter Product Description 1 port RS485 to 8 port RS485 industrial lighting protection HUB ..
Ex Tax:$64.00
Model: 16DO18B20
Item specifics is_customized: Yes Theory: Electromagnetic Relay Original manufacturer, Build To Order Module, OEM is welcome.  NT16RTH is a Modbus-rtu module we customized for user,integrated with 16 relays output and temperature and humidity acquisition, whi..
Ex Tax:$79.20
Model: 16 way 18B20 Temperature Board
Item specifics is_customized:    Yes Model Number:    NT16DS18B20 Connect way:       RS485 RS232 TTL Protocol:               Modbus Sensor:                &nbs..
Ex Tax:$62.00
Model: 16DI Modbus Module
16DI  Module is a 16-channel digital isolated input module, which is output through an isolated RS485 interface. The module adopts standard Modbus RTU communication, which can directly adapt to various PC configuration software, PLC, DCS and so on. The module power supply and RS485 communicatio..
Ex Tax:$59.50
Model: 32AI 12bit Modbus Module
Wiring instructionsVCC+            Positive input terminal of module working power supply,DC12V~DC24VGND          Module working power groundA               The 485 signal line AB       ..
Ex Tax:$69.50
Model: 32AI Voltage Modbus Board
32AI 32CH 0-10V analog voltage measure RS485 module MODBUS RTU Item specifics Voltage: 0-10V (Need 0-5V input mode please contact us.) Protocol: Modbus-RTU Connect way: RS485Wiring instructionsVCC+            Positive input terminal of module working power su..
Ex Tax:$69.50
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