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NT1CTHC.exe for monitoring humidity and temperature 1AI DHT11 module

How to Intuitive display the data of DHT11 module on the computer?

NT1CTHC.exe is free easy-to-use monitoring software for DHT11 module monitor, is able to obtain the Modbus data by function 04PLC address 3x0000.

For example:

Read temperature & humidity value:     01 04 00 01 00 02 20 0B

Feedback:                      01 04 04 06 A4 10 68 B6 C1

(0x06A4=1700 the temperature is 1700/100=17.0)

The 06 A4 indicate the temperature is 17.0

(0x1068=4200 the humidity is 4200/100=42.0RH)

The 10 68 indicate the humidity is 42.0RH


It’s able to recorder the maximum and minimum temperature & humidity value and the happed time. 

You can change the location message also. This is a demo software for test our module, its build for OEM need modify to your company message please contact us.

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