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Model: 8AI( 20mA/5V/10V) Mobus Module
Item specifics 0-20mA 4-20mA Double isolation 12bits 8 input RS485 DIN Modbus Module Please leave a message in the comments of the AI type: 0-20mA or 0-5V or 0-10V   Please leave a message in the comments of the AI type: 0-20mA or 0-5V or 0-10..
Ex Tax:$59.50
Model: 12AI AM2301 Humidity Temperature Module
Product Description 12 channels AM2301 temperature and humidity measure sampling circled LED module RS485 module MODBUS RTU RS-485 for PLC/configuration software/singlechip use.based on isolationRS485 interface, supports Modbus-RTU protocol.The module finishes the temperature calculation ..
Ex Tax:$59.50
Model: SM-1200
RS485 MODBUS 1000 channel DS18B20 temperature acquisition module water temperature acquisition instrument 10  Ports,Each port supports 16~100 pcs DS18B20 Sensor(Max 1000 -  different price). Inquiry price according to different connection quantity, please contact us. Power:&n..
Ex Tax:$556.00
Model: SM-16
Each port supports 1~8 pcs DS18B20 Sensor (Max 80 - different price please contact us.) Power:  DC 12-24VRefresh frequency:   4 Seconds..
Ex Tax:$119.00
Model: 12AI 18B20 12bit Temperature Module
12 channels 18B20 temperature measure sampling circled MODBUS RTU RS-485 LED module       This price is just a piece of module , without the  18B20 sensor,   Communication baud rate: 9600.8.N.1        Data for..
Ex Tax:$54.00
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