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16DI Module 16 DI RS485 Modbus

16DI  Module 16 DI RS485 Modbus
16DI Module 16 DI RS485 Modbus

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  • Model: 16DI Modbus Module
16DI  Module is a 16-channel digital isolated input module, which is output through an isolated RS485 interface.
The module adopts standard Modbus RTU communication, which can directly adapt to various PC configuration software, PLC, DCS and so on. The module power supply and RS485 communication electrical signals are isolated from each other, effectively suppressing various types of series mode and common mode interference, and also ensuring stable and reliable operation of the module.
1, using RS485 MODBUS RTU standard communication, can be connected with the host computer configuration software,PLC, industrial touch screen, etc., with communication status indicator.
 2. The signal control, power supply, and RS485 communication electrical signals are isolated from each other.
 3. The communication circuit adopts lightning protection, anti-interference design and power polarity protection.
 4. RS485 communication signal output interface uses overvoltage and overcurrent double protection.
 5. can be widely used in industrial field equipment signal acquisition and control.





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