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Terms & Conditions

Guarantee Policy

The guarantee period of our most products is one year. And we guarantee our product in a good condition before shipping date. Our QC stuff will carefully check quality of each product.

The maximum duty of us is the value of our product. Buyer should know the product is suitable to their work environment or not, use the product correctly and increase the protection measures if need.

Return Policy

Please read and follow the instructions below before you return items to us. Once you encounter any questions, feel free to contact us anytime. Please assure you get across our return policy and ensure to agree with all criteria before physically sending any items back to us.

Mis-Ordered Products: If you order wrong item by yourself, or found it is not what you want to order (not quality problem), our return policy is not applied for you in this situation. Please aware of this.
Quality Issue: Our products do not work well once you receive it or it encounters crash in delivery causing you fail to use it. In this situation, our return policy is open to you; we will return full refund to you. When you decide to return the items to us, please use simple airmail or EMS, and ship it to the address our customer service gives to you. Please do not use DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT or any other couriers, because we cannot get your return item, and we will not responsible for that.
Non Quality Issues: In some particular situation, can our return policy be open to you only after you have negotiated with our customer service about your particular problem, and in this condition we will charge you 20% handling fee.

Refund Policy

After we get your item back to us and check the item in a good condition, we will issue you refund according to our policy within 5 working days through PayPal, PayPal will charge you 5% handling fee.

Repair Policy

When your product gets damaged after using some time and need to repair, we provide repair service for you.
You need to use simple airmail or EMS to send the item back to us.
After we fix it, we will send back to you by simple airmail soon. 

If you have any doubt, please negotiate with us via email.

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