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Model: SM-1200
RS485 MODBUS 1000 channel DS18B20 temperature acquisition module water temperature acquisition instrument 10  Ports,Each port supports 16~100 pcs DS18B20 Sensor(Max 1000 -  different price). Inquiry price according to different connection quantity, please contact us. Power:&n..
Ex Tax:$556.00
Model: SM-16
Each port supports 1~8 pcs DS18B20 Sensor (Max 80 - different price please contact us.) Power:  DC 12-24VRefresh frequency:   4 Seconds..
Ex Tax:$99.00
Model: AM-5832G
RS485 Modbus Gateway Industrial 2-port RS485 / 422 Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP 1.32-bit arm Cortex-M3 CPU 2. 10 / 100M Ethernet interface (RJ45 interface) 3. The two-way serial port supports RS422 and RS485. It supports the baud rate 300-230400bps. The data bit, stop bit and check bit of the s..
Ex Tax:$67.00
Model: NNRS485-600
RS485 Modbus Gateway Industrial RS485 serial server 485 to Ethernet Modbus RTU to TCP 1.10 / 100M adaptive Ethernet interface 2. It supports auto MDI / mdix, and can use cross network cable or parallel network connection 3. UART baud rate can be set from 110 bps to 115200 BPS 4. Workin..
Ex Tax:$32.00
Model: NNRS485-232-850
RS485 RS232  Modbus Gateway Industrial serial server 485 232 to Ethernet Modbus RTU to TCP/IP 1.10 / 100M adaptive Ethernet interface 2.   It supports auto MDI / mdix, and can use cross network cable or parallel network connection 3. UART baud rate can be set from 1200 b..
Ex Tax:$37.00
Model: 1 to 4 RS485 HUB
1 port RS485 to 4 ports RS485  industrial lighting protection isolated RS485 repeater      ..
Ex Tax:$39.00
Model: 12AI 18B20 12bit Temperature Module
12 channels 18B20 temperature measure sampling circled MODBUS RTU RS-485 LED module       This price is just a piece of module , without the  18B20 sensor,   Communication baud rate: 9600.8.N.1        Data for..
Ex Tax:$54.00
Model: TTL to RS485 Adapter
TTL UART to RS485 with surge lightning 1.5KV ESD protection boardItem specifics is_customized: Yes Model Number: TTL-RS485 ESD protection: YES             Packaging Details Unit Type: lot (10 pi..
Ex Tax:$5.50
Model: TTL to RS485 Adapter
TTL to RS485 optocoupler isolate Adapter industrial grade Repeater   Auto duplexing communication and needn't Data direction control  There is no data error and data loss when working for a long time..
Ex Tax:$24.00
Model: NTW4IO
Wi-Fi 4I/O 4DO 4DI android phone control Network RJ45 relay Modbus-TCP module smart home Please check the video:   *4 ways switch panel is just a demo for understanding easy, don't include.  We  can use the&nb..
Ex Tax:$39.90
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